Testimonials {under construction}


DR. L.F. Anderson,  Thanks to you I will have a happier life.  There have been many of my 52 years that I prayed to die because of many fears.  But  I look forwarf to finding out the reason why God chose to keep me here.  I owe that to you for your help, for answering my e-mail, for you coming into the office on your day off.  You are indeed an angel from God.  May He grant you happiness and love forever.  I shall be forever grateful.    -  Dar T. 


Dr. Anderson,   I've lost 58 lbs. since our session (two months ago).  I started at 318 and now am 260 lbs.!!!!  Thanks.   -  Dan W.   


Good Morning Dr. Anderson,  I was in to see you on April 10.  I successfully have not smoked for almost 11 months now.  Thank you for that ....... -  M. Herbert


Dear Dr. Anderson,   I am writing to let you know my stop smoking session in February was a success!  I really didn't think hypnotism would work but, fortunatly, was wrong.  I did not use any patch, gum or pills to ease smoking cravings.  They certainly had  not helped before.  I thought about smoking but really I didn't have cravings like I had with other attempts at quitting.  I haven't suffered any substamtial weight gain either.  My husband quit within a day or so of my quitting.  I have given your name and address to many, many people.  I hope they too are succcessful with their struggle to quit.  I wish you and your patients continued success.           With much gratitude,   Marya


Dr. Fred Anderson:   I need to tell you that the hypnotherapy I received last year, is still working and I have recommended you to many peoplel for quitting smoking and just a number of anxieties.  You did wonders for me.  And I do still listen to your tapes and find myself back in your office, relaxed and ready to face another day.  I would not have been able to do that, in all honessty,  had it not been for you.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are one in a million.    - Thanks, Darlene   


Fred,   I wanted to say Thank You for a great session and so far, it's almost 48 hours, no cigarettes.  No digging for cig, butts, no looking for somone who is a smoker so I can bum one.  The coloe Red and the story you told me about the "doctor's office" and never being able to talk to my baby is what is keeping me in line.   "Baby Green" and I say "THANK YOU" for saving both of our lives.             -  Sincerely,   S. Green 


Dr. Anderson,   Thanks for all you do to bring wellness to the area people.             -  Fran S.


Dr. Anderson,   I am so glad that I came and experienced the hypnosis experienace.  It has given me hope once again.  Thank you for the time that you spent with me and all of the advice you gave to me.!    Thanks again. - Barbara K. 


Hi  Dr. Anderson,   Thanks for a wonderful hypnosis session.... It was great!  Anyway, I feel great.......Thanks, LIN 


Dear Dr. Anderson,   Thanks you so much for hellping me with my fear of trauma.  Since my hypnosis session with you, I have been able to work in the emergency room and on the ambulance service without a problem.  I was alsmost to the point of making another career change because I wasn't  getting used to the traumas.  I really love the medical field, but I always had this fear.  I had tried for so long on my own to deal with it but was unsuccessful.  I physically could not perform my duties on my jobs, but thanks to you I have overcome my fears and can now do whatever I  have to do at work.  As a result, I am much happier and my self-confidence level is higher than ever before.     I will strongly recommend your hypnosis therapy to anyone I know who has a fear they would like to overcome.  I can hardly belive it myself that this fear I've  had all my life is finally gone.  You are an absolute God Send.  Thank you again for helping me.     Sincerely, Michelle , Respiratory Therapist & EMT 


Hello,   We met on Thursday evening, I was with Lori..., who experienced a session with you.  First off, I want to thank you, and tell you things are going very well, and appear to be getting stronger.  She really wants to Keep her current state of mind (which makes me glow with heartfelt warmth..... 

  Thank you Kindly,  - B.F.