Dr. L.F. Anderson Psy.D.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

  • As a clinical  hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and international association of healh care practioner,  Dr. Anderson has developed a process of guided imagery, metaphor, psychological releases and hypnotic trances to help you take control of your life. Through his decades in clinical psychology and behavior therapy, he has developed a specialized application of hypnotherapy and behavior modification. This adaptive approach allows individuals to eliminate most addictions and behavior problems in one personalized session.

Dr. Anderson is nationally known for eliminating anxiety,sexual problems, obsessive or compulsive behaviors, fears and phobias in one 2  hour session for only $90.


Dr. Anderson's education includes:

Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology

Doctorate Degree in Theology

(emphasis on counseling)

Master of Arts in Psychology 

Bachelor of Science in business administration


Dr. Anderson has professional training in:

Neuro-Linguistic programming

Cell command therapy

Hypnosis pain management

Medical and Dental hypnosis

Emergency hypnosis

A depth of experience

Dr. Anderson is a:

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

International Health Care Practioner

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Behavioral Therapist