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Eliminate addictions, accelerate your emotional and physical well being at New Life Therapy Center near Wisconsin Rapids, with Dr. L. Frederick Anderson, a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.

Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnosis is a method by which you can  alter your state of awareness, allowing you to focus upon issues or ideas of your choosing. The hypnotic state is a normal, daily experience. Hypnosis therapy is a deliberate inducement and deepening of this natural state for the purpose of achieving a preselected goal.  Allow Dr. Anderson to help you elminate addictions and take control of your life.  Phone; 715-342-4180 or email newlife@wctc.net.  Website; www. hypnosis-therapy.net.

Smoking and Vaping Cessation

 Tired of the health risks and financial strain of tobacco use?  Dr. Anderson has been successfully helping people quit their smoking addiction in one two hour private hypnotherapy session for 30 years for only $90 including self hypnosis CDs . 

Weight Management and Eating Disorders

 Contact Dr. Anderson to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you control your weight and start a healthier life today at; 715-342-4180 or newlife@wctc.net.

Additional Hypnotherapy Sessions

Start a New Life free from:

Gambling Addiction

Anxiety and Depression

Excessive Pain

Fears and Phobias

Stress and Grief

Sexual Dysfunction


Drug and Alcohol Addictions

What is the cost?

 Through 30 years of practice Dr. Anderson has honed his method to help as many people as he can at an affordable rate. His personalized method allows most issues to be resolved in a SINGLE HYPNOSIS SESSION!  A typical personalized session costs $90.00, including CD's, and takes about 2 hours.  To speak to Dr. Anderson or make an appointment contact us at (715) 342-4180 or newlife@wctc.net.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dr. Anderson is a highly trained profesional with over 30 years of experience in hypnotherapy.  Through his extensive training and teaching experience around the country and the globe, Dr. Anderson has developed professional hypnosis therapies to illiminate addictions and accelerate you on the path to achieving your goals.

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