What can New Life Therapy do for You?


Smoking Cessation

Tired of the health risks and financial strain of tobacco use? Dr. Anderson has been helping people gain control of their lives for nearly 30 years.

Weight Loss

Contact Dr. Anderson to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you control your impulses and start a healthier life today.

Eating Disorders

New Life Therapy can help you with your personal struggles. Start a new life today!

Gambling and Substance Abuse

Dr. Anderson's personalized approach can help you take the steps towards a life all your own.

Now is the time to begin a New Life free of:

Anxiety and depression


Fears and Phobias

Stress and Grief

Sexual Dysfunction 


Vaping Cessation

Behavior Modification

Help For All Ages

Dr. Anderson's personalized approach has proven effective for everyone. From young school age children to adults.