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Somato Emotional Release

The Process

Once the mutual decision has been made by the patient/client and the therapist/facilitator to embark into the process of SomatoEmotional release, the decision is signaled by the onset of very subtle to very gross yet meaningful and seemingly spontaneous movements of the patient's/client's body and/or its parts.   By this we mean that the whole body may begin to assume a posture or position, or only one of its parts, such as a hand, may begin spontaneous movement.

The therapist/facilitator must be extremely sensitive and alert to the beginnings of these body movements signals. When they begin, the therapist/facilitator must:

  1. Not inhibit very slight movements.
  2. Not decide what should happen and "lead" the patient's/client's body.
  3. Attempt to support the patient's/client's body and or body parts in such a way that gravity is neutralized but nothing more is introduced into the equation.
  4. Pay very close attention to the stopping and starting of the craniosacral rhythm. The sudden or abrupt stoppage of the craniosacral rhythm signals a significant body position in the SER process. The craniosacral rhythm used in this way has been dubbed the Significance Detector.
  5. Work precisely the correct positions and/or movements in order to facilitate the SomatoEmotional Release process. A single millimeter of deviation from the correct position or movement can interrupt the authentic SER process.
  6. Exhibit extreme patience with the process, work toward and await significant releases.
  7. Decide when the patient/client is testing and/or evading, or when the process is valid and authentic.

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