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The History of Reflex-Zone Foot Massage

It is sad but true:  Our feet, on which our whole body rests, are largely neglected even thought they affect our entire well-being.   Just as roots are important to a plant, feet are important to human beings.   They're a wonder of nature but receive little attention.

Like so much else, foot massage originated in Asia.  More than a thousand years ago, reflex-zone massage was recognized as a natural method of healing.  It quickly fell into obscurity, however.

Or was it perhaps deliberately forgotten?   Whatever the case, reflex-zone foot massage-vial interested naturopaths and therapists using natural remedies - eventually made its way to Europe and America.    It has been gratefully adopted in many counties, becoming a blessing for many people.

Unfortunately, a lot of physicians scoff at the practice of foot Reflexology, relegate it to the realm of mystical, and refuse to recognize it.  But reflex-zone foot massage is the most powerful anti-disease weapon there is, and it's a natural weapon besides.  

I'd like to emphasize that it's not meant to replace doctors, but to spare them from having to deal with ailments not requiring their specialized  knowledge.

Reflexology - helping you live a healthy, pain-free life.

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