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Origins of Reiki

The origins of Reiki are recorded in legend, which contributes to its mystique.  Reiki is unique among bodywork approaches because, by the large, Reiki practitioners adhere to a code of secrecy and are reluctant to disclose the details of their techniques to the uninitiated. They feel that Reiki energy is so powerful that only those who have been properly instructed should attempt its use.  Instruction in Reiki is conferred from Master to disciple through a process of attunements.

Reiki practitioners assert that it brings balance and harmony to the body mind and spirit.  Reiki is a Japanese word that means "universal life energy.*" "Rei" refers to the greater, universal spirit of energy that permeates the entire cosmos; "ki" refers to the vital life energy that animates every individual being and thing.  Reiki aligns and balances universal with individual energy.  Reiki practitioners have been trained and empowered to serve as channels to draw universal energy in order to transfer it to themselves and others for the purpose of healing.

They place their hands over the areas of a receivers body, where the principal organs and glands are located (these areas correspond to the charkas, or subtle energy centers, of esoteric tradition), or they can visualize special symbols, enabling them to send healing energy, even at a distance.  Hands-on touch can be combined with visualization in a bodywork session for particularly powerful effect.

Reiki is considered to be a powerful tool in self-transformation, and proponents of Reiki claim universal life energy can be used to help not only individuals, but also animals, plants, emotional situations, and even machinery such as automobiles and appliances. (Yes, some Reiki practitioners believe a Reiki treatment might help to jump-start a stalled car.)  Many practitioners perform Reiki on their food to increase its healing energy.

If all this sounds a little too much like hocus-pocus to you, Reiki practitioners would be quick to point out that their practice does not represent any religious dogma, nor does it require any particular set of beliefs on the part of the receiver. They maintain that their art is a science whose value has been demonstrated over an extended period of time in a growing body of anecdotal reports that attest to its efficacy.

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