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The Message Centers of the Body
  •  The hand positions in Reiki also broadly correspond to the location of the major endocrine glands of the body. They are catalysts for chemical reactions that regulate all important processes in the body - metabolism, aging, growth, stamina, weight, sexuality, moods, and the body's ability to reduce pain and heal itself.   The glands work together in harmony.  For example, the thyroid gland produces thyroxine, which helps activate the adrenals; and adrenals in turn energize the sexual glands, and sexual excitement stimulates the thyroid. These intricate chains of reactions are directly and adversely affected by stress.  In Reiki we give an overall body treatment that reduces stress and allows the glands to rebalance body chemistry.
  •   With the head positions, we activate the pineal gland and the master gland, the pituitary. The pineal gland, in relation to the amount of light falling upon the body, regulates skin pigmentation and sexual development. The pituitary regulates sleep, growth, and body fluids, and stores mood-enhancing hormones.   Treating the pituitary enhances states of mind, heightens the senses of smell and taste, and encourages the body to replace aging cells.
  •  At the throat position we balance the thyroid gland. This gland regulates the rate at which we burn the food we eat and the rate and intensity at which we live. The thyroid keeps iodine in the body at the correct level, at a similar ration in our blood as it is in our mother, the sea.  The thyroid gland regulates mucous membranes, aids digestion, and builds nerve and brain issue.  Proper working of the thyroid gland keeps us at the right weight for our body type.
  •  The parathyroid gland, sitting on the thyroid, regulate the calcium in our body. The right amount of calcium enables us to feel calm and keeps our bones strong, reducing the chance of osteoporosis.
  •   At the chest position we harmonize the thymus gland. The thymus is responsible for producing T-cells, one of the body's primary defenses against disease. This important gland is very responsive to our state of mind and can instantly correct imbalances in energy flow.
  •   The solar plexus (two inches above the waist), we treat the liver, pancreas, the spleen, and the back position, the adrenals. The liver, a major organ, metabolizes different foods, stores important vitamins and minerals, and detoxifies external and internal poisons from the body. The bile produced by the liver assists in fat digestion and keeps the colon lubricated.
  •   The pancreas controls carbohydrate metabolism and produces enzymes that promote good digestion. Throughout the pancreas are scattered the Isles of Langerhans. These little glands regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.   Keeping blood sugar balanced helps us avoid diabetes, hypoglycemia, and mood swings.
  •  The spleen boosts our immune system by cleansing the blood of micro-organisms, producing white blood cells, and storing blood for use in emergencies.  Hormones from the adrenals provide the base for the digestive enzymes and help the body fight infections, heal inflammations, and reduce pain. Proper functioning of the adrenals stimulates sexuality and creativity. Consistently balancing the adrenal glands with Reiki treatments provides quick energy, stamina, and good muscle tone.
  •  At the sacral chakra we treat the sexual glands -- the ovaries and testes. These glands regulate male and female sexual characteristics, fertility, and emotional states. When sexual energy flows through the whole body, we feel alive and happy. When hormones are out of balance, we may experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS), ovarian cysts, or prostate problems.
  • This information is given in some detail in order to help us remember how much we can help ourselves when we use our hands to relax and harmonize each one of these tiny glands.

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