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The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki practitioners maintain that physical diseases begins with imbalance in the emotional and mental fields- Reiki helps prevent physical illness by restoring balance to these more subtle fields before illness manifests in physical illness. Adherents believe Reiki can accelerate the healing process as well as aid relaxation and stress reduction.

Practitioners report success in helping patients with both acute and chronic illnesses, ranging from asthma and arthritis to more serious life-threatening illnesses.  Reiki is considered helpful for debilitating chronic diseases because of the energy boost it gives people with depleted energy systems.   While some Reiki practitioners claim to have healed people of such serious conditions as tumors, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis, such claims should be regarded with prudent skepticism: Be wary of any healing practitioner who promises to cure you of any illness.

While it is not affiliated with any religion, Reiki embraces the spiritual dimension of healing.  Reiki energy flows from the superior consciousness or spirit through a vital life energy force that permeates everything in the universe.  Healing can occur in many ways - not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.  Reiki can be a powerful tool in helping people who are dying to find a place of stillness and calm within, which can help make their transition much more peaceful. Reiki practitioners would say that this in itself is a major healing, even if the physical body is not cured.

During a Reiki treatment, clients often report sensations of heat and tingling. They may drift into a deeply meditative state, somewhere between waking and sleeping. Grand Master Phyllis Lei Furumoto shares her experience with Reiki: "Some people described it as coming home; some say it is like being plugged in again. I have the sense that I knew this feeling in the past and now am fully in touch with the energy again, without efforting."

The most common effects people feel after a Reiki treatment are a deep sense of relaxation and an increased sense of vitality and mental alertness. Sometimes, people may feel an aggravation of their physical condition or of their emotional problems before they get better. This can be a normal, healing crisis.

Additionally, some people experience a shift in their level of awareness about the world, which they associate with spiritual transformation and growth. In particular, they report an especially strong connection to the here and now quality of life. They may feel more aware of flow and continuity in their lives. Greater insight into the self and subconsiousnes may follow treatment through such mechanisms as vivid dreams.

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