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Infratonic QGM Therapy 

QGM Comparing Modalities

No single pain management technology can meet every need, and although the Infratonic QGM is effective, based on facilitating brainstem, other systems are effective in different ways.

Infratonic QGM utilizes modulated, very low frequency (8 -14 Hz.) sound waves to create an action that relieves pain by relaxing muscles, facilitating nerves, and promoting circulation.  Because there is no danger from heat build up or overexposure, the QGM can be an unattended modality.

Ultrasound is very high frequency (20,000 Hz. and above) for use when heating and agitation of subsurface tissue at specific points is desired.  It requires an attendant due to localized heating.

TENS applies electrical stimulation through the skin to create micro-trauma to the body through direct nerve stimulation. This encourages the brain to produce pain killing chemicals and to promote local activity.  TENS also desensitizes the brain to the pain signals, however, making the brain less sensitive to the body's healing needs.

Pain pills.  Pain killing drugs, although highly effective, work by numbing the nerves and brain.  The pain relief is at the expense of impaired awareness.  As the pain gets worse and as tolerance to the drug increases, more frequent or higher doses are required.  Common side effects are reduced physical and mental performance and addiction.

    A One Hour Therapy session with Dr. L. Fred Anderson, Psy.D. is $50.00!  Call for an appointment at (715) 342-4180 or 1-800-597-4220 or E-mail now for more info.